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"I Like Vintage Big Nipples!"
"....I mean who in their right mind DOESN'T like a busty woman with big full cherry nipples? Or puffies? Or "silver dollars", hehe, always liked that one! I literally have turned sex down with babes who had those small pips, sorry to say, they just don't do it for me like a pair of big sno-cones or ski-jumps!" - J.L.

"I dated a girl in high school who had the most fantastic big nipples! They were huge and brown! Delicious and I can still think back fondly on the hours I used to spend sucking on them as she pulled my cock out behind the bleachers on the sports field. She used to also mop up my hot teenage jizz with her panties. Those were the days!" - D.S.

"I used to think my nipples were TOO big. Girls would make fun of me in the shower at school, but the boys...mmmm, let's just say they didn't seem to mind one bit!" - T.E.

"...tit fucking a hottie with a pair of big nipples is pure WHACK! I love pressing her titties together and thrusting my cock between those dark red nipples till I shoot that hot steaming cum all over her soft throat and chest. Yes, sir, give me a pair of bouncing breasts and large nips and I'm in HEAVEN!" - W.D.


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