Vintage Big Nipples Picture of old time classic Retro Porn Queens With Large Nips And Breasts!

Vintage Big Nipples Picture
Retro Porn Queens With Large Nips And Breasts!
I think probably one of the most arousing and alluring aspects of the golden age of "Tit Queen" pinups and retro porn was the fact that the women all had REAL breasts with such deliciously ripe big nipples, you know? That's one of the major turn-offs of so much of today's silicone-inflated pornstars - their un-naturally hard and small nipples. It's always a letdown to see some modern model who has succumbed to the thought that to be sexy and successful in the world of XXX adult modeling, one most have the most enormous and obviously fake tits! What ever happened to all those fabulous big breast girls of the classic and vintage pinup period? Girls like this lovely girl in the picture below, and with such NICE big nipples!
Vintage Big Nipples Picture
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Well I'll tell you where they went - into the vaults of erotic collectors around ther world. And one of the best and BIGGEST collection of prized vintage porn and big nipples models is to be found at RetroRaunch.Com a "must" stop for all tit fanciers like myself. They have some great pictures and tons of clips of Tit Queens and large breast models from all eras. Talk about the jackpot! I dare anyone to try to match the amount and sheer quality of their collection. Visit today (via the link above) and see if you don't agree with me - vintage big nipple are THE BEST!!

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